How to get the mandatory accreditation of your laboratory ?

Our offer:

Supply all necessary support to the customer working group assigned to assure the regulatory compliance of the laboratory within the framework of a mandatory project, delivering miscellaneous expertise, consultation, coaching, training and auditing services, relevant to the concerned regulated sector.

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Our services:

  • To coach from A to Z the implementation of a new competency management system of each laboratory

  • To create the content of the system, tailored to the needs and the enterprise culture of each client

  • To train the personnel (or the inside trainers) to assure an effective maintenance of the system

  • To pre-audit the obtained results in order to rectify the last deviations

  • To submit the rectified results to the concerned Authorities for the final accreditation of the laboratory

Proposed reference models:

  • ISO 17025: Physical, chemical and microbiological analysis laboratories

  • ISO 15189-M: Medical biological analysis laboratories

  • ISO 17025: Mechanical and electrical test laboratories

  • ISO 17025: Instrument calibration laboratories

  • ISO 17025 + 17011: PALA in Quebec for environmental analysis laboratories (refer to CEAEQ)

Any other processes whose implementation must be documented and demonstrated to the concerned Authorities before to obtain the laboratory accreditation.

Accreditation or certification ?

Several worldwide laboratories, some of which were accompanied by ISONORM, have been certified in the past to be compliant with ISO Guide 25 then ISO 17025 by several international registrars as SGS, MOODY, etc.

Since January 9th 2009, ISO, ILAC, IAF have confirmed conjointly that the standard ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 is from now on, a standard exclusively reserved to the concerned accreditation bodies in order to deliver their accreditation (attestation) certificate, and that it will not be possible any more to respond to a client request for an evidence of competency with a simple certificate of compliance to ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 delivered by a Registrar (certification body).