How to obtain the permits related to your business processes ?

Our offer:

Supply all necessary support to the customer working group assigned to assure the regulatory compliance of the enterprise within the framework of a mandatory project, delivering miscellaneous expertise, consultation, coaching, training and auditing services, relevant to the concerned regulated sector.

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Our services:

  • To coach from A to Z the implementation of a new management system of the security of goods, cargo and services

  • To create the content of the management system, tailored to the needs and the enterprise culture of each client

  • To train the personnel (or the inside trainers) to assure an effective maintenance of the system

  • To pre-audit the obtained results in order to rectify the last deviations

  • To submit the rectified results to the concerned Authorities in order to obtain the required permit or license

Proposed reference models:

  • USA: Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism to export to the U.S.A

  • Canada: - RCMP’s physical and environmental security guides with unrestricted use (i.e: G1-24 to 26)

  • Canada: - Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, S.C. 2010, c.21

  • France: AIDA site on French Regulations for risky activities (Prefecture/DREAL/INERIS)

Any other reference models whose implementation must be documented and demonstrated before to obtain the legal permission to engage the enterprise in a regulated activity.