How to reducing the environmental footprint of your enterprise ?

Our offer:

Supply all necessary support to the customer task force assigned to this voluntary approach, delivering miscellaneous expertise, consultation, coaching, training and auditing services, relevant to the non regulated sectors.

Click on the tab Regulation to see our distinct services, corresponding to the mandatory approaches of the regulated sectors, for instance, Public Health and Food Safety.

Our services:

  • To coach from A to Z the implementation of a new environmental management system (EMS) relevant to the manufacturing sector

  • To create a EMS content, tailored to the needs and the enterprise culture of each client

  • To train the personnel (or the inside trainers) to assure the effective maintenance of the system

  • To pre-audit the obtained results in order to rectify the last deviations

  • To submit the rectified results to an independent registrar for the final evaluation and delivery of the certificate of conformity

Proposed reference models:

  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management System and Control of environmental impacts;
  • ISO 14064: Carbon and Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory, reduction program and validation of results (3 methodologies: CSA in Canada, GHP in USA, ADEIME in France);
  • ISO 50001: Energy Management System (EnerMS);
  • ICCA: «Responsible Care» International program of self-regulation of the Chemical Industry which are not subject to certification by independent third party;
  • MASE-UIC: National program of the French Chemical Industry, certifiable for the HSE risks (Health-Safety-Environment).

Any other reference model whose implementation must be documented and demonstrated either to a third party to obtain a certificate of conformity or a competent authority to obtain the permission to engage in a regulated activity.