Which one to choose ?

Our Offer:

An ISO Survey has established in 1999 the number of certification bodies (Registrars) at 573 against 309 in 1995, an increase of 264 bodies in 4 years. We evaluate that over 600 certification bodies are actually competing worldwide.

How to be sure to choice the right certification body? Should it be accredited by CCN (Canada), CNCA (China), ANAB (United States), COFRAC (France) ou autres? What is the value of their certificate of conformity?

During his 38 years career in the Certification Industry, Mr. Gerard Blin has used in many respects, the services of over a dozen of different international certification bodies. His experience can be most valuable when it comes time to make the "right choice" either for a first registration or a renewal.

Our offer in this matter consists in proposing to our customers, a short tailored list of three possible choices in order they can negotiate their own conditions totally independently from the consultant.

This list is established based on the following criteria:

  1. The profile of the fulltime or freelance auditor
  2. The total duration of the audit
  3. The follow-up method
  4. The international reputation of the certification body
  5. The national reputation of the certification body
  6. The constraints inherent to a change of certification body
  7. The commercial approach of the certification body

Information provided free of charge:

  • All responses to a Request for Information by phone or Email, requiring a minimum of working time from our part

  • Approximate verbal estimate of the cost of a potential project without an obligation from our part

  • Written submission including guarantees, project planning and detailed breakdown project costs in response to a formal detailed Request for Quotation

Professional fees:

Fixed or daily rate according to the nature of the service


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