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Supply miscellaneous IT solutions specialized in the Electronic Document Management (EDM) and Marketing 2.0 including the on-line installation, the training of the users and the client servicing with our IT specialists.

1 - Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Within the framework of the services that we are supplying since 20 years, we have created a great quantity of different specific contents for all kind of industries and in the meanwhile, we have also developed our own Isonorm Documentation Management System (IDMS) to serve our customers as follows:


This basic solution is adapted to the Small Business Enterprise, equipped with a network of less than 50 working stations, the softwares of Microsoft Office but no fulltime employee really qualified in IT.

It is a Configuration Management System (CMS) created and developed in 1995 by Gerard Blin for ISONORM Consulting Group in order to manage at low cost the ISO certification paperwork with MS Winword. Later, a more advanced Configuration Management Database (CMDB) was made available for the largest multinational enterprises, driven by a powerful data base with Ennov 5.

The IDMS system covers the following elements of the Configuration Management:
a) Planning of the Configuration documents with the «IDMS house»
b) Identification of the Configuration contents with specific «IDMS codes»
c) Control of the Configuration with specific «IDMS table» for the management of changes and histories.
d) Record of the Configuration status with  «IDMS record» for each item at any time;
e) Audit of functional Configuration with «IDMS audits» as per the referential ISO 19011.

The pros:

Low cost, great simplicity, fully compatible with ISO requirements, users training reduced to a minimum, proven solution with over two hundred of systems certified, right the first time since 1991 by a dozen of different international registrars.

The cons:

Fully manual solution, no data base, basic automation of the EDM limited to a clever use of the existing functionalities of Microsoft Office without using Access or any other more reliable database.


This top of the range solution is the first choice of the Fortune 500 enterprises owning a network of over 500 working stations all around the world. Fully compatible with the basic indexing of the IDMS version 1.0, this solution includes a dedicated server and a powerful database driven by PRISMASUITE 4 or ENNOV 5 compatible with EMC Documentum.

See details at

The pros:

Advanced automation of the documentation management system, adapted for multi-standard and multi-site integrated applications with a Java J2EE architecture allowing a high evolution capacity for the future, a high degree of security and a great ease of customization including the full compatibility with IDMS v.1.0.

The cons:

The recurrent cost of the license is proportional to the number of access passwords.

IDMS VERSION 3.0 (under construction)

This future halfway solution adapted for the network from 50 to 500 working stations is actually tested by ISONORM and is not available yet for sales. This third version will use the same original documents developed with IDMS v. 1.0, but will be driven with a very effective new open source software in order to offer an affordable database application for the small and medium size enterprises.



2 - Marketing 2.0

A more effective presence on the web

Within the framework of our activities in the development and management of contents, we have analyzed and tested several Content Management Systems (CMS) on the market. Presently we work with JOOMLA, a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU (General Public License, a free software license, the first «copyleft» license for general use). JOOMLA is classified in the three first winners in the CMS Awards with DRUPAL and WORDPRESS.

If you wish to increase the effectiveness of your presence on the web, contact us, we can help you to move to another solution that offers much more for much less.

A more efficient presence on the web

Hosting, modernizing and maintaining your web site is more and more costly and you are considering allowing the updates to be spaced out. It is a big mistake because if your site is not updated continually, the search engines will slowly push it into an oubliette poorly attended by your visitors!

Presently the conservation time of the keywords in the search engines is 9 months (Google) and it may be lowered soon to 6 months. In this context, we have developed know-how in the moving into other dependable hosts but less costly. Why staying at the mercy of your actual host?

If you wish to increase the efficiency of your presence on the web, contact us, we can help you to move to another solution that offers much more for much less.

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