If your Human Resources needs a specialized TRAINING within the framework of our areas of expertise.


Our Offer:

Supply Training Services which consist to deliver customized private courses to the private or public organizations within the framework of the following body of knowledge.

Our technical, organizational, managerial and commercial recommendations are always subjected to a contractual mandate previously negotiated with the client and limited to the following fields of expertise:

  • Certification and Regulation related to Quality-Security-Food Safety-Health-Environment (QSSHE)
  • Improvement of the Enterprise Performances

Characteristics of our courses:

  • Prepared and customized for each customer

  • Delivered by experienced trainers (20 years minimum in their domain)

  • Delivered on site or in the closest hotel selected by the customer or on line by internet

  • Limited to 3 to 16 participants maximum per session

  • Control of the acquired knowledge by homework and/or exam

  • Attested by individual or group certificate


 (1) We do not offer public training session but we can refer the individual requests to several recognized organizations which are offering public training;

(2) Our offer includes the training of the internal auditors for the Quality and Environmental Management Systems;

(3) ISONORM Consulting Group is certified as an Accredited Training Organization in Quebec (certificate No 054766) therefore all our local customers are eligible to several financing programs of Emploi-Quebec (refer to the local CLE for details).

In France, please refer to your regional organization DIRECCT (ex DRIRE) and the Pôle Emploi.

Principal Instructor:

The founding president of ISONORM Consulting Group, Mr. Gerard Blin is offering his services on the basis of the knowledge and practical experience that he has acquired and developed during thirty eight (38) years going back and forth between Canada and France as Engineer, Teacher, Author, Auditor and Executive Manager in several North-American and French multinational enterprises (Detailed resume available upon request).

In the international projects of greater magnitude, he generally works as Project Director when the required multidisciplinary expertise is provided by a team of specialized collaborators from our international network of senior freelance academics located in Canada, France, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Colombia and Argentina.

Informations provided free of charge:

  • All responses to a Request for Information by phone or Email, requiring a minimum of working time from our part

  • Verbal approximate evaluation of the cost of a potential project without an obligation from our part

  • Written submission including guarantees, project planning and detailed breakdown project costs in response to a formal Request for Quotation

Professional fees:

Fixed or daily rate according to the nature of the service


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