How to increase the visibility of your enterprise at lower cost ?

Our offer:

Supply the consultation, coaching, training services, necessary to the customer task forces assigned to the improvement of the enterprise visibility on the markets with a classical and/or high tech marketing approach.

Our services:

1) Traditional Marketing with the recognition programs of miscellaneous Quality Awards
  • To supply the necessary training to introduce the requirements of the applicable reference model

  • To coach from A to Z the implementation of the applicable reference model

  • To coach the collection of the required accounting data

  • To pre-audit the obtained results in order to rectify the last deviations

  • To submit the last results to the Authority for the final evaluation

2) Marketing 2.0 with a strong presence on the web at reasonable cost:

See our « IT solutions», clicking on the tab «OUR SERVICES».

Proposed reference models:

  • USA: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award of the ASQ-NIST-DOC

  • Canada: Award for the Excellence of the NQI-INDUSTRY CANADA

  • Quebec: Quality Award of the MQQ-MDEIE

  • Europe: Quality Award of the EFQM