How to use cleverly the Enterprise Know-how ?

Our offer:

Supply a proven IT solution to the steering committee responsible for the improvement of the global performance of the organization in order to manage more effectively and efficiently, the various skills of its human resources.


The Enterprise know-how is the spearhead of the successful companies when used cleverly. It is composed of the multiple skills of its human resources and accounts for its human capital.

This capital, too often ignored, is made up practically of all accumulated knowledge, technique, skill and experience of the staff in the form of documented information more or less organized.

Our systems IDMS (Isonorm Documentation Management System ) are designed to structure and manage these informations, implementing dedicated miscellaneous subsystems for the indexing, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents which have been tested and proven during several hundreds of confirmed ISO certifications and are compatible with the ISO paperless management. They belong to the «EDM and Workflow» family but without complex OCR systems using optical character recognition (scanning printed documents into scanned images and then extracting text from the scanned images into electronic documents).

Our systems IDMS may improve significantly the profitability (up to 5% of the sales figure), when implemented with a coaching oriented to the share of the Enterprise know-how and not only to the software product itself.

Is it worth to invest in a new global management tool if only few well trained personnel use it only for departmental development in a silo and without any positive impact on the global performance of the company?


Our services:

  • To analyze the actual needs and to propose a solution adapted to the size of the client

  • To supply the approved turnkey solution including the necessary support to the client

  • To create a brand new content when necessary, as in the case of all certification projects

  • To fix the parameters of the specific system

  • To supply the training of the users, on site or on line

  • To install and to start up the system

  • To supply the after sales support service

Proposed solutions:

  • IDMS v.1.0 (down market): our basic version without database but simply driven by Microsoft Office

  • IDMS v.2.0 (up market): our top of the class version with a powerful database driven by Ennov 5 (compatible with EMC Documentum), the preferred business software of the Fortune 500 enterprises to manage their certified documentation

  • IDMS v.3.0 (medium market): our version with an open-source CMS c/w database presently under development and not available yet for sale

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