How to improve the accountability of your personnel significantly ?

Our offer:

Supply the consultation, coaching, training services, necessary to the customer task forces assigned to the improvement of the Human Resources accountability (or the willingness to accept responsibility)  

Our services:

  • To analyze the situation and the actual needs and to provide a preliminary project planning using the software MPO (Management and Performance in Organizations) of the firm NGENIO;

  • To coach the clarification of the authorities, responsibilities and role of each function (position) of the enterprise;

  • To coach the elaboration and the implementation of the position profiles and the performance descriptions expected for each position;

  • To provide training on the Results-Based Management (RBM) when required;

  • To coach the implementation of the RBM approach when required, and the systematic evaluations of the performance;

  • To validate the project progress and the obtained results including the supply of the final project report;

Proposed management tools:

  • MPO is a software which can identify specific problem areas related to productivity and performance. By understanding personality and behavior of individuals you can more accurately determine the yield potential and need for development of each of your employees.

MPO is an IT solution designed to manage human capital in organizations, and is based on the assessment of personality and perceived job performance.

Its amazing effectiveness overcomes the other applications of the Big Fives of modern psychometrics. It is actually used by several large organizations like ENAP-Quebec.


  • RBM is based on a global approach which includes Risk Management, Organizational Development, Communication, Development, Strategic and Operational Planning relevant for each situation.

RBM is an approach originally proposed by Peter Drucker. It was adopted internationally by the World Bank, UN, OECD and CIDA and finally custom tailored by ISONORM since 2005 according to the culture, size and needs of its clients.

RBM is based on the life cycle principle of a project integrating successively strategy, people, material and financial resources, processes and measuring tools in order to improve decision making, transparency, and accountability.

The approach focuses on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurement, learning, and adapting, as well as reporting performance.

Of all the few principles articulated in this approach, simplicity is the first.