How to improve the productivity of your processes significantly ?


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Our offer:

Supply the consultation, coaching, training services, necessary to the support of the steering and working teams assigned to the optimization of the enterprise business processes and the gain in productivity.

Our services:

  • To analyze the situation and the actual needs and to provide a preliminary project planning

  • To coach the initial strategic planning resulting to the definition of the project objectives

  • To supply the necessary training in Risk Management including the Process Mapping, Ishikawa and FMEA analyses

  • To assist the concrete implementation of the new acquired knowledge of the steering and working teams

  • To assist the finalization of the final targets in terms of productivity gain and the changes implementation

  • To validate the project progress, the obtained results including the supply of the final project report

Proposed tools to manage the changes:

Six-Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, Statistical Process Control, Control Charts, 5S Method, Flow Analysis, Process Mapping, AMDEC-FMEA, Functional Analysis, Ishikawa Analysis, Risk Analysis and Management or other available management tools tailored to the client size with the help of qualified instructors, certified Six Sigma Black Belts when necessary.